Chrisanthy Petra - Visual Artist Painting with portfolio and events painter

My work is painting and could be solely characterized as anthropocentric.

I like to potray myself as an observant and a collector of the shapes of a human being. Chrisanthy Petra  I gather these forms from nearly everywhere around me. From Chrisanthy Petra  social environment, the web ,in Sundays papers, from strangers I see walking down the street. Photography is the tool I use so I can Chrisanthy Petra  the moments onto the palms of my hands, to digest them and give birth to them in my study.

Chrisanthy Petra – Visual Artist Painting with portfolio and events  artist of painter

But its not only the looks I am painting,is the goodwill of the form’s distinguishing features and not only the being in flesh that was captured by the photographer

I am painting realisticly,or expressionistically, or sometimes even satirically.

 Visual Artist Painting with portfolio and events

The work’s first stage in most occasions is a visual stimulus. On the contrary, there are times when the procedure is different. An idea, a considerstion, a concern or a inquiry can lead to the research of the said forms. Then, I don’t only observe the forms around me but I also look in them for that something that triggered the beginning of my work. Always in the range of figurative anthropocentric painting.

The resumption of this is very important in the way I work. The forms play a patterned role while they appear with an identical way in familiar dimensions and just like that their ensemble can be presented as a whole work of many years.

Children play a central role in my line of work. In these portraits I usually make the exception of combining the nature and more specifically. The animals that I believe are forms that don’t have to be human in order to be merged with the ones of the children. I usually choose using aquarelle with them. While this colorant in broad terms help me direct the light upon the forms I see, this pure light makes me choose them. In addition, I present them more realisticly, since I feel that a more expresional mood can be smeared.

The adults on the other hand give me the freedom to paint in a more expressive way and it is more likely for me to do it in oils. In those forms it’s very possible to meet rage, arrogance, disappointment and many more emotions that in my opinion allow the twitching movements of the brushes. I do not feel pitty if I ruin the forms, to taunt and to jeopardize the real ones by changing colors and shapes.

Everything above remains fluent and open to changes when experimentation is considered. While I prefer to categorize my work to an aspect of study. With the fear of possible copying my work. I want everything I’ve created up until now to be subsumed in my early years as an artist. I sincerely hope that my road as an artist is still at its beginning.

Chrisanthy PetraChrisanthy PetraChrisanthy PetraChrisanthyPetra